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How can I more conveniently deposit checks? I don’t live near ISPFCU’s branch.

Shared Branch – ISPFCU is a member of a Shared Branching Network which allows you to visit participating credit unions and process transactions on your ISPFCU accounts. Visit our Shared Branching locator to determine if there is a Shared Branching location near you.

Remote Deposit Capture – With your iPhone or Android device’s camera and ISPFCU’s Mobile Banking App, you can safely and securely deposit a check to your ISPFCU Checking Account without having to visit our branch or by mailing the check to us. With Remote Deposit Capture you have the ability to deposit checks made payable to you electronically regardless of where you are or what time of day it is.

ATM – Many ATMs allow deposits using your ISPFCU Debit Card. Visit our ATM locators and check the Deposit Taking box to find an ATM near you that accepts deposits.

Direct Deposit – You can choose to have your paycheck, pension, social security, or other government payment automatically deposited to your ISPFCU account. The funds are available immediately the day the payment is posted and you don’t have to wait on the mail. If you have questions about setting up Direct Deposit contact an ISPFCU representative today at 800-255-0886..

Payroll Deductions – ISPFCU has Payroll Deduction services established with many employers. Payroll Deductions allows you to deposit a portion of your paycheck to an ISPFCU account. If you want to determine if your employer participates in Payroll Deductions with ISPFCU contact an ISPFCU representative today at 800-255-0886.

Postage Paid Envelopes – ISPFCU provides Postage Paid Envelopes for you to mail your deposits to us at no cost. To request Postage Paid Envelopes contact an ISPFCU representative today at 800-255-0886.

I don’t live close enough to come into your branch for cash, but I need to have a convenient way to get cash from my ISPFCU accounts without an ATM Surcharge.

Surcharge Free ATMs – ISPFCU is a member of two (2) Surcharge Free ATM Networks. When you visit one of these terminals there is no surcharge for your transaction. Visit our ATM locators to find a Surcharge Free ATM near you.

Cash Back on Debit (PIN) transactions – Many retailers will allow you to get cash back when you process your transaction as a debit and use your PIN. If you are interested in getting cash back on your next purchase ask the Cashier how you can accomplish this.

Do you have any option for me to receive my VISA statements electronically?

You can utilize ISPFCU’s Visa Access Online to view your account balance and history. You can also make payments to your ISPFCU Visa Credit Card thru this service. Visit VISA Access Online within Home Branch Online to see all of your VISA Credit Card information today.

How can I conveniently pay my bills thru my ISPFCU Checking account?

ISPFCU offers E-Pay to all of our members with Checking accounts free of charge. E-Pay is ISPFCU’s bill payment solution and is accessible via Home Branch Online. With E-Pay your payments are guaranteed to arrive by your selected date. Your payments are more secure than mailed payments and you save money on postage. Sign up for E-Pay through Home Branch Online or call an ISPFCU representative today at 800-255-0886.

How can I transfer funds between ISPFCU and my other financial institution?

ISPFCU Home Branch Online users can transfer money between ISPFCU and their other financial institutions using our Online Funds Transfer service. Sign up for Online Funds Transfer by contacting an ISPFCU representative today at 800-255-0886.

Why can’t I lock in my mortgage rate immediately?

It has been our philosophy to not allow for immediate lock-ins until all of the required loan documents in order to fully complete the loan are received. This eliminates the possibility of any added expense charged by FNMA to the member for not being able to close the loan by the rate lock expiration date. For example, if a member changes their mind and does not close on the loan (for any reason), the credit union has no loan to deliver to Fannie Mae. This results in a large penalty fee to the credit union. Or, if the appraisal and title work were delayed for reasons out of our control, you will be charged a late delivery fee. There are too many unknowns with closing a mortgage loan for us to allow our members to prematurely lock into a rate and risk possible large expenses to the member.

Does ISPFCU offer escrow services for my mortgage?

We currently do not offer an escrow service for property taxes and insurance. As an alternative to the traditional Escrow Service, you can deposit the funds for your property taxes and insurances into an ISPFCU Share Savings Account. We can set these deposits up to automatically transfer monthly for you. When you receive your property tax and insurance bills, you would transfer the funds from this account to your checking account, write a check to the tax collector or insurance company, and mail it with your tax bill or insurance premium invoice. As an added benefit you will earn dividends on qualifying amounts in your Share Savings Account.

My child will be attending college next year. Does ISPFCU offer a Student Loan?

ISPFCU does not currently offer traditional student loans. However, if you would be interested in borrowing funds for educational purposes, please call our lending staff. There may be several ways to provide to you the financing you need.

Do you offer small loan requests?

Yes, we approve credit requests for amounts as low as $500.00. We also have a revolving loan called CashLine. This credit line allows you to access funds using your checking account. You will receive a monthly statement to make your payment. You can choose to make the minimum monthly payment or pay the balance in full. You can use the credit line over and over again up to your approved credit limit.

Does ISPFCU offer VA loans?

ISPFCU does not currently offer a VA mortgage loan option.

Equal Housing Lender. We do business in accordance with the Federal FairHousing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

ISPFCU is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience in accordance with ADA standards and guidelines. If you are using a screen reader or other auxiliary aid and are having problems using this website, please contact us at 800-255-0886. All products and services available on this website are available at the ISPFCU branch.