ISPFCU held its 2015 Annual Meeting Friday, June 26, 2015 at the Troopers Lodge #41 in Springfield, Illinois. Members in attendance were informed of the current financial state of the institution by the officials and management staff of the Credit Union.

Vice-Chair Teresa Kettelkamp reported on the tremendous volunteer base the Credit Union enjoys and the excellent cooperation and communication between those volunteers and the staff. Treasurer Boyd Butler reported on the financial results from 2014 and stressed that although it was a challenging year ISPFCU remains financially strong and will remain that way into the future. Chief Executive Officer Megan Becker gave detailed information in regards to the challenges the organization faced as well as an overview of key growth and statistical information from 2014. Member of the Election Committee Matt Wiseman presented the 2015 election results.

Preceding the conclusion of the Annual Meeting officials and management staff held an open forum where they addressed questions and comments from the members in attendance. Questions included:

  • Member asked the percentage of Illinois State Police members versus non-ISP members who were expelled during the Member Expulsion meeting. After research the staff determined that 51% of the members expelled were ISP and ISP Family with another 20% originating from other law enforcement groups. The remaining 29% were from other non-law enforcement groups.
  • Member complimented ISPFCU staff for their friendly demeanor and willingness to help out in any situation.
  • Member complimented the ISPFCU bill payment system and stated it was much more user-friendly than other systems.
  • Member discussed the assistance received by the Credit Union staff after the passing of a relative.
  • Member complimented the Shared Branch service offered by ISPFCU.